Breathwork can really help manage the chaos, disappointments and over-stimulation of modern life

Predictably unpredictable New Year

So here we have 2024 – another remarkably unpredictable year in store – I am sure of that!

What is predictable is that Breathwork can really help manage the chaos, disappointments and over-stimulation of modern life.  My own well of positivity easily dries up when reading the news. (One of my new year’s resolutions is to radically reduce the number of news articles I read a year!  According to my news website, I read 5500 articles over the past 365 days!!  Help!) 

However, when I focus on the breath, clarity moves into my psyche like a fresh breeze on a hot humid day.   I just breathed myself the other day to a self-directed hour-long process.  I had a sore back for the last 10 days prior. I started to wonder if I had some sort of mechanical problem in my lower spine or that my kidneys were way out of whack.  

So I get down and breathe and bang! The feelings of frustration, anger and sadness start to get activated and shift within 10 minutes.  Yet again it shows how much emotional material I was holding in my lower back region. I’m feeling that it is about the state of the human condition and also about my mother’s mind and body (87) gradually deteriorating in her more elderly years.

No more back pain.  Gone.  Just sat on my backside for 3 whole days driving to Queensland.  Still no back pain.    What’s remarkable about Breathwork is that it can shift physical pain within one session – something which I still find remarkable.

One of the wonderful things about teaching students to become Breathwork practitioners is the transformation.  How much can transform over eight days with a small group of committed students just lifts my heart no end.  Why?  The simplicity of it.  No eternal talk therapy.  No complex systems of understanding to be nutted out by our intellect.  Just Breathwork (life force), some movement (shake the body up) and sound (full self-expression). 

So let’s celebrate 2024 as a time for resetting our own internal compass towards our sense of purpose, a time to step into something which helps us on occasion rise above the treadmill of the more mundane aspects of life.  

I wish you all an alive and vital 2024 and remember to smell the roses (or other suitably perfumed flowers) as you walk down the path of life.