What happens after a Breathwork session

There are a range of feelings / emotions that may come up after a Breathwork session, some of which are not always ‘comfortable’.

Welcome all the feelings, good and ‘bad’!

The therapeutic principle of Breathwork can best be described as the mobilisation and liberation of bound-up energy.  

Any emotionally charged material can be brought safely to the surface and dispensed through sound and movement.  You can welcome the whole range of feelings and then integrate them into bodily awareness.

Integration vs. disintegration!

There are many different ways to ‘integrate’ or comprehend a Breathwork session.  Talking about your experience with close friends, drawing pictures, writing, making music are all useful. 

Disintegration often occurs if you don’t take the time to create just a little more space in your life for quiet reflection time.  I’m only talking here of 10 minutes a day..not hours!

If there is any ‘rule’ about what not to do after a Breathwork session, it is this: you wait at least 7 days after a session before making any major life changing decisions.  

Strong feelings (anything from sadness to elation) can arise in the hours and days afterwards and is it wise to just be the observer for a few days to up to a week.  Know that whatever has flushed up has come up to be healed.