Our clients and students often find their experiences hard to put into a few words. Here are just some of the things they tell us about Inspired Breath journeys, retreats and trainings

Breathwork is a truly transformative experience…This process has brought clarity into my life, knowing who I truly am.


Phil and Suzanne created a beautiful sacred safe space
allowing the group energy
to unfold. 


Many thanks for cultivating a safe environment during the retreat. I’ve learnt how to breathe into my pain, my sorrow and my joy. 


The most profound and amazing life changing experience. I was
able to completely let go and
surrender my mind


I love that my hope and optimism have returned. I seem to have energy levels closer to what I am accustomed to enjoying.


The team found the session with Phil enjoyable and well facilitated. It was a positive team activity. The guided visualisation was lovely and relaxing. The breathwork was interesting, challenging for some and invigorating. The bioenergetics was fun, physically and mentally challenging, relieved tension, energised and shifted stagnant energy. We would recommend Phil as a facilitator of mindfulness, breathwork and bioenergetics. 

Danya Thompson, Brighter Futures Team, Bega Valley Shire Council