Inspired Breath Xmas Newsletter


So I’ve made it to Christmas.  How have you fared this year?  I’m back with Mum in suburban Melbourne for a few days.  On my first evening walk, I was so surprised to see a couple of Tawny Frogmouths high on some wires.  It filled me with absolute joy to hear one of them gently calling out in the fading light.

It’s been a wobbly year to say the least. Trying to make sense of the outside world was nearly impossible.  The western world’s foundations are in the biggest state of flux since at least the late 1960′ early 1970’s and possibly since WWII.  The future is ‘up for grabs’ so to speak. 

For me personally, that means shouting from the rooftops about the need for even more useful and effective therapy in our culture to heal the wounds of the past.   And guess what my medicine is?  The Breath. My daily practice of using the Wim Hof breathing app over the past 2 months has really made a difference to my capacity on a day to day basis to face the world with confidence and assurance.   Whilst there is always room for doubt, I need to at least adopt a grounded position for myself in the world each morning, before moving in to the ‘secondary reality’ of news, entertainments, social media, etc.   Then I’ve got more energy to create what’s important.

And on that note, it was with great delight that we received the news that our Breath Journey Breathwork Practitioner Training was recognised as an official training by the Australian Breathwork Association. 

Suzanne and I are planning a 2 day non-residential retreat in Canberra on Feb 19-20.  Stay tuned for more details.  Plus right now if you book in for our 10 day retreat / Module 1 Breathwork Breathe Into Life event – see links below – prior to Dec 31st, you will receive a free Kahuna massage and a healing spa circuit ($200 bonus).   If you would like any insights into where you are right now in your life, don’t hesitate to book a no obligation Zoom call with Suzanne and I and we’ll take you through what’s possible in our Breathwork training for you. Check out our Breath Into Life event here –