October 21-28 2022,

Kamalashila Tibetan Buddhist Centre at the foot of Mount Gulaga,

Tilba Tilba, South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.



Breathe Into Life Retreat Highlights

  • Stunning natural location in a rainforest environment.
  • Two retreat leaders giving you personal attention with over 12 years experience in group Breathwork.
  • Breathwork journey and integration sessions
  • Move your body to feel more using bio-energetics
  • Discover what is held in your body
  • Bring your shadow out of the dark
  • Discovering your birth story and the impact of birth trauma
  • Learn the art of Breathwork
  • Magnesium swimming pool and spa /hot tub (optional)

For those who are ready, we offer longer breathwork retreats. These 5-day immersions offer a chance for personal discovery, healing and transformation. 

Longer retreats focus on gathering insights and on attention to integration so that you to have the best possible healing outcome.

Together we create an atmosphere of deep respect and nurturing to prepare the ground for robust and powerful teaching. This is how we make room for adventurous and often exhilarating experiences to emerge, to allow you to move out from the shore of known experience and discover what lies beyond.

These 5 day immersions offer a rich and layered experience for the advanced breathwork practitioner and those seeking personal mastery. Our personal journey retreats run in conjunction with foundation modules of the Breathwork Practitioner Training Program so your journey is with people who share a deep commitment to breathwork and self-awareness


    These residential wellbeing retreats are for anyone seeking personal change and looking for some clarity.  

    Inspired Breath retreats are a chance to reset and recover as well as getting the shift you need. 

    The programs are designed to be meaningful and relevant as well as a chance to enjoy and appreciate life. By stepping out of the known you shift more quickly into a state where healing and transformation are possible.

    Take advantage of our super early bird pricing, book a call back to learn if it’s right for you.


    Join Inspired Breath on one of our regular breathwork retreats in NSW. We host regular weekend (3 day) retreats and deeper 5 day immersion retreats in carefully selected nature-based locations close near Canberra or Northern NSW.

    These are wellbeing retreats with a difference. These programs are can provide a much needed circuit breaker but they offer much more than a short-term bandaid for stress. Our retreats will give you a way to meet and a sense of progress to transcend life’s challenges.

    Breathwork is fast becoming a popular tool for personal growth and healing but it is not a new therapy.  It has been around a long time and so have we.  Our style and approach to breathwork is not a fad or a quick fix.  We bring a combined experience of over 30 years to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to go on our own healing journey. We give you the space, guidance and most importantly, the support to integrate what comes up for you.  And afterwards we debrief and continue to support you to assimilate what you have learned when you return to your regular life.

    We host our retreats in stunning, natural and tranquil locations that are easy to get to whether you live in Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane or anywhere in between.

    You’ll enjoy comfortable accommodation, exceptional locally-sourced food and attentive, professional support.


    What you’ll experience
    • Nature connection activities
    • 3 x extended Breath Journeys
    • Bio-energetic workouts
    • Personal attention to your journey
    • Comfortable accommodation
    • High-level nourishing catering
    • Complementary 1 hour follow up session
    Who should come
    • These retreats are for anyone. Whether you are new to Breathwork or a regular practitioner, you’ll leave inspired, refreshed and longing for more.
    • This is a chance to experience the rare beauty the NSW south coast and hinterland has to offer.
    • We provide a nurturing and relaxed environment in comfortable accommodation with nourishing meals.


    What you’ll experience
    • 10 x extended breathwork journeys
    • Introduction to holding space for others
    • Breath, feeling and regression
    • Body memory and trauma
    • Bringing your shadow out of the dark
    • Your birth story and the impact of birth trauma
    • The practice of a breathwork session
    Who should come?
    • Experienced practitioners
    • Therapists,
    • Facilitators
    • Coaches
    • People seeking profound insights and healing.

    Check our events listings for upcoming breathwork retreats in NSW