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Module 1 – Journey to the Roots of Breathwork & Maps of Consciouness

  • October 21-28, 2022 
  • Kamalashila Tibetan Buddhist Centre at the foot of Mount Gulaga, near Tilba on the far south coast of New South Wales, Australia.
  • $2,500 (dorm) or $2,700 (own caravan)


Do you want to become a respected breathwork facilitator? Gain the experience, deep knowledge and embodied wisdom you need with our breathwork instructor course.

When you train with Inspired Breath you’ll emerge as skilled breathwork guide and deepen your own journey along the way.

Breathwork has the power to transform lives. With this teacher training you’ll learn how.  You’ll develop the skills, confidence and sensitivity to lead individuals and groups and through profound healing experiences.

We’ve developed this comprehensive modular course to give breathwork practitioners the complete toolkit. This isn’t a five day fix but a deep dive into the art and science of breath practices. In total the training consists of five powerful 10-day residential training modules.

Individually each of the modules offers a unique immersion experience for learning and evolving. Together the five modules make up a unique and superior training program.

Our syllabus takes you on a fascinating and empowering exploration of breath practices. Along the way you’ll experience deep shifts in your own life while learning the theory and techniques to do the same for your clients.

In completing the course you will guide 50 breath journeys and experience 30 extended journeys yourself.


      If you are seeking profound change and powerful healing potential, this course is for you. Leading others to discover the power of conscious connected breath is a satisfying and in-demand skill.

      This is leading edge training for committed practitioners, therapists and coaches. As a healing modality these skills stand alone or as a compliment to other therapies.



      Take a deep dive into experiential breath practices and respected teachings on human development.

      Our breathwork instructor course is Australian Breathwork Association certified and aligns with their Practitioner Training Standards.

      Your experienced teachers Phil Morey and Suzanne Zankin have been studying, leading and embodying breathwork principles together over two decades.

      If you are a therapist and want to expand your therapy options, or an individual committed to personal mastery, this program is for you.

      Hear what others who have trained with us have to say.

      The training format is flexible with modules delivered over two years. You can complete one and build on it.  Each of the two foundation modules stand alone and can be done in any order. The remaining modules build on each other and need to be done in sequence.

      These nature-based immersions are structured to allow you to experience deep transformation.

      In this is adventurous and compelling healing work, your personal journey is an essential part. It is important for your development as a practitioner that you experience many aspects of the work and what it can bring to the fore.

      During the course these modules we will focus on gathering and integrating insights for your own healing outcome. In this way you gain the understanding you need to become a masterful facilitator.


      Breathwork is becoming one of the leading therapies in the world. It’s popularity challenges the primacy of talk therapies.

      In the Inspired Breath course we draw on over 35 years of our own practice and study. We cover subjects you won’t find in other breathwork practitioner trainings in Australia. This teacher training program brings together:

      • breathwork
      • bioenergetics
      • the work of Alexander Lowen
      • a range of embodiment practices.

      Together these tools can help access and resolve limiting patterns:

      • activate more life force
      • experience profound breakthroughs
      • develop the confidence to navigate your own journey
      • gain expertise to support your clients through powerful healing experiences.

      Our experienced and highly-trained facilitators will lead you through practices and teachings that traverse:

      • the origins of psychotherapy
      • body centred practices
      • shamanic wisdom
      • tantric mysteries.

      With this training program you are uniquely placed to:

      • lead group breathwork journeys, retreats and workshops
      • offer breathwork to your clients as a powerful and effective support to other healing therapies.

          Foundations Module 1

          Journey to the Roots of Breathwork
          • Breath, Feeling and Regression
            Breathwork from a body-mind perspective
          • Body Memory and Trauma
            What happens to the body after emotional trauma and/or physical accidents?
          • Why Babies Cry/Why Love Matters
            Getting to the heart of infantile imprints.
          • Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark
            An inside look at your shadow in a safe and caring way
          • How your birth story influences later patterns in life
          • How to work with and go towards healing birth trauma
          • The Practice of a Breathwork Session
            Music, setting, observing subtle changes in the breath and getting your client engaged if they are ‘checking out’
          • Styles of Breathwork
            Conscious connected, circular, eye-to-eye, holotropic, back-to-back

            Foundations Module 2

            Maps of Consciousness

            • Pre/peri-natal life.
              What happened around us while in the womb?
            • The Reality of the Self.
              Who or what is ‘the witness’?
            • A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness.
            • The Mind and the Brain
              Neuroplasticty and the power of mental force
            • High Weirdness
              A look at ‘visionary’ experiences
            • What comes first? Brain to Action Circuits or Consciousness?
            • The nature of ecstatic states.
            • Transpersonal phenomena.
            • Understanding shock and trauma in the context of Breathwork.


            Take a sneak peak at the course below, or request a copy of the full prospectus for the Breathwork Instructor Course.

            • Foundations Module 1 – Journey to the Roots of Breathwork
            • Foundations Module 2 – Maps of Consciousness
            • Advanced Module 1 – Love, Sexuality and Death
            • Advanced Module 2 – Archaeology of the Self
            • Advanced Module 3 – Self-actualisation

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