Russell Brand loves Breathwork. Yes even more than drugs!

Russell Brand loves Breathwork even more than drugs. Now that is saying something. Russell’s past includes a little hedonism. But now he has morphed himself into a slight sage character offering ultra-fast talking commentary on the trends in news of the day, sprkinled in with how to ‘get in touch with yourself’ techniques. (You need to after listening to his video commentary!)

And what he says in this video is true – that Breathwork can instandly change your awareness, just by inhaling and exhaling in a more conscious way. Why? Because our lungs have the amazing capcity to soak up more oxygen if we consciously breathe (whether or not it is faster or slower). James Nestor and Wim Hof are mentoned here, but they both tend to shy away from the transpersonal, spiritual aspect of the breath.

The reason I got into Breathwork was to lift myself out of the mundane world wihtout resorting to drugs. And Breathwork serves this purpose – to offer a way for the incredible desire in us to move away from object consciousness to space consciousness (Elkhart Tolle’s turn of phrase).

Check out Russell video here on You Tube