Winter reflections

Winter – I find myself suddenly wondering when the cold weather will be ‘over’.  But then I remember that as always, the middle of winter is just that – the middle  – feeling like there is no way out of it.  A bit like birth really – there is ‘no way out’ until suddenly things start moving incredibly quickly and you are out!   Never underestimate the imprint of what happened at your birth and through your gestation period inside your mother.  It will lay the imprint for many of our self-talk and /or self-sabotaging behaviours later in life.   And surprise, surprise, modern mainstream schools of psychology totally ignore it.   To me this is quite an omission given that Otto Rank published his book ‘The Trauma of Birth’ in 1924 (in German, then 5 years later in English).   Otto Rank was Sigmund Freud’s right hand man for over 20 years, but within a short time years later once Freud had determined that book undermined his Oedipus complex theory, Rank distanced himself even more from Freud.   IN the end Rank was persecuted for daring to state that we should work with feelings in the ‘here and now’ and trace backwards from there, rather than a gradual dig into repressed childhood memories.  Rank worked with the playwright Henry Miller and the author Anais Nin who bother highly praised his work in Paris.

So there you go that’s why right up until the 1990’s, psychoanalytic pracitse was so against the idea of dealing with somatic issues int he body as to why we be experiencing emotional difficulties in our lives.  And what’s all this got to do with Breathwork?  Well, if you work with your clients to take clues from the body in the first instance as opposed to what your client tells you, you get better faster healing results.