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Comprehensive training program starts 2021

This training program is a deep dive into experiential breath and embodiment practices combined with solid theoretical teachings on human development. 

This is the most advanced breathwork training on offer in Australia, bringing together in-depth teachings, highly trained facilitators, with a lineage that traces back to the origins of psychotherapy and incorporates shamanic and tantric wisdom. 

If you are a therapist who wants to expand your therapy options ;  or an individual committed to personal mastery and open to life’s possibilities, Inspired Breath Breathwork Facilitator Training is for you. 

You will experience profound breakthroughs and develop the confidence to navigate your own xxx and support your clients through powerful healing experiences.

This teacher training program brings together breathwork, bioenergetics, the work of Alexander Lowen and a range of embodiment practices that help access and resolve limiting patterns and activate your life force.

Breathwork has become one of the leading therapies in the world, challenging the primacy of talk therapies.  With this training program you are uniquely placed to lead group breathwork journeys, retreats and workshops or to offer breathwork to your clients as a powerful and effective adjunct to other healing therapies. 

Your trainers, Phil Morey and Suzanne Zankin have decades of experience between them. They have facilitated hundreds of breath journeys, co-facilitated breath retreats and workshops, as well as…

About the course

The entire course consists of five training modules offered as 10-day deep dive immersions. 

There are two foundations modules, two advanced modules and the mastery module completes the program. The program is paced to allow for integration of the teaching material. 

Students must complete both foundation modules (in any order) to progress to Advanced I, Advanced II and Mastery. Each of these final three modules builds on the previous and must be completed sequentially. 

Training syllabus

Foundations of Breathwork: A Journey to the Roots of Breathwork

Foundations of Breathwork: Maps of Consciousness

Advanced I- Love, Sex and Death

Advanced II-  Archaeology of the Self

Advance III (Mastery) – Evolution and the next step

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A personal journey of healing and explorations of your psyche 
  • Learning the skills of facilitating breathwork sessions for others.
  • Learning why bioenergetics is an important component of healing.
  • Understanding the body/mind connection.
  • Life-long friendships and professional bonds.
  • Time and practices to support integration 
  • Nature immersion
  • Community of practice and private facebook group. 
  • Supported practice clinics throughout the training period
  • Monthly online support calls  

Next training dates

Module 1:  Foundations of Breathwork I – A journey into the Roots of breathwork

April 30 May 9

Jack’s Corner Retreat

Kangaroo Valley 

NSW  Australia

 Register your interest by booking a call with Phil

 Training website is at www.yourbreathjourney.com.au