Breathwork through the pixels – online sessions

After much internal debate in my mind, I have decided to offer the Breath Journey online. Whilst its not the same as ‘being in the same place together’ I have now mastered the art of offering sessions on line which are gently guided and yet can give a powerful healing result.

Breathwork¬†is for you if you are …

  • stressed
  • in crisis
  • finding it difficult to control your emotions
  • depressed
  • having relationship problems

I use evocative music (or you can set up your own soundtrack at home), along with my coaching to take you on an unforgettable Breath Journey. Hopefully, you will feel less weighed down by stress!

Each breathwork session will bring up unique things for everyone – some of the phenonema encountered are strong bodily sensations, release of emotional pain or joy and hyper-awareness of the current situation of your life (and what to do about it!)

I also offer a free follow up phone call 2-3 days later to check in with you about how you are travelling.

You can book here. $350 for a 3 hour session.

Breathwork is a client-focused, self-generated process. Breathing is a tool for inner work that uses full, conscious, and connected breathing. It is a spontaneous and organic technique that can offer resolution and clear issues, patterns, and/or beliefs on a cellular level.

Breathwork is involves the use of breathing exercises to bring about an improvement in mental, physical, and spiritual health. The breath is one of the most powerful tools that can access a person’s essence and potential. Breathwork uses the breath to help clear unresolved issues, self-limiting beliefs and past life events that affect a person’s ability to reach their potential. This process leads to the fulfilment of dreams and a happier, more inspired life.