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Learn to Become a Breathworker

Take 8 days out of your life and do Breathwork. I can’t predict exactly how your journey with Breathwork will go, but you won’t forget these 8 days in a hurry.

You will learn a range of breathing techniques that will enable you to feel more, clear density out of the body and open the possiblity to explore the transpersonal.  Breathwork is a profound healing modality that you can easily incorporate into your existing skills.  This training is also available to those who wish to do a personal healing retreat.

This immersive 8 day residential training will free you of life’s distractions so that you can get to the heart of what really matters.

The Price: $2500 for a high level, dynamic training with two facilitators with a decade of experience.

The Training

We take you through the ideas that support the therapeutic potential of Breathwork. We reference the pioneers of Breathwork and somatic psychotherapy like Stanislav Grof and Wilhelm Reich.

Subjects covered in this training include intra-uterine memory, birth trauma and how the body holds trauma. We design our training so that you leave feeling integrated and inspired to take the next steps forward in your life.

If you wish to be a fully qualified Breathworker under the Australian Breathwork Association requirements, you have the option to complete the remaining modules with us over the next 2 years.

What’s Included in this training:

90 plus hours of experiential Breathwork, Bio-energetics and reflective learning.

Receive 8 Breathwork sessions.

Experience how it feels to sit for another during a Breath session.

Some ‘down time’ each day to integrate and rest.

Learn several other Breathwork styles rarely taught in Australia.

Book of readings to take home.

MP3 player packed with cutting edge audio meditations to take home.

On-going phone support from Phil and Suzanne.

Follow up group Zoom call.

What’s Not Included:

Transport to and from the venue/transfers from airports.

The Food:

Tasty vegan meals from our local caterer, Tora with dietary requirements catered for.

The Venue:

Our chosen venue is a Tibetan Buddhist Centre in a forested environment at the foot of Mount Gulaga.  It’s near Tilba on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.  Accommodation is shared in dorm style or ‘vintage’ caravans, or you can request a private caravan ($200 add-on) or you have the option of camping (BYO gear).

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The Teachers

Phil Morey

Phil’s gift is patience. He creates the space for you to speak and be heard, then guides you gently into deep healing spaces. He understands the pitfalls of getting too caught up in the goal of ‘enlightenment’, offering instead a welcome down to earth approach. Phil synthesizes many different approaches to healing – breathwork, bodywork, audio programs and shadow work. He specialises in combining active body practices with Breathwork to create breath journeys that can take you to places never before experienced.

Suzanne Zankin

Suzanne’s gift is the power of connection – you instantly feel heard. Her interest in your story is genuine and with gentle mastery, she uncovers what may be ready to move inside you. Suzanne’s care and expertise can move even the most difficult issues toward healing, without force. With a strong background in body therapies, breathwork and group therapy, you know you are in safe hands with Suzanne.

Suzanne and Phil have been teaming up to deliver healing experiences for over 10 years. 


Book in a discovery call with Phil and Suzanne.

Is Breathwork Your Calling?

All inclusive fee $2,500

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Learn to lead breathwork journeys that change lives

Phil Morey

Principal Trainer

Suzanne Zankin

Assistant Trainer


Any cancellation made before August 31st 2022 will result in a loss of 50% of the event fee.

Any cancellation made after August 31st 2022 will result in a total loss of funds.

We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if it is not meeting the event minimum (if we do so your deposit and/or all funds paid will be refunded in full).

We reserve the right to determine if you are not a good fit for this event (if we do so, your deposit/all funds paid will be refunded in full).

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