An 8 day Breathwork
Like No Other

Nestled on the secluded and beautiful far south coast of NSW is a Buddhist retreat centre where Suzanne and Phil take you on a profound healing journey with Breathwork.  Themes we explore are your birth, your infant years and how this impacts your life now. We also delve into an understanding the terrain of the psyche.

Breathwork with a professional edge.

Suzanne and Phil are a professional Breathwork team with over a decade of experience leading Breathwork retreats.  We take a compassionate yet robust teaching approach.  We do not push any spiritual agendas.  We focus on your personal healing and professional development!


Suzanne and Phil hold a safe space for you to move toward wholeness and transformation where currently there may be feelings of being adrift, being numb, being frustrated or being trapped in emotional pain.  Over 8 days you will discover many aspects of yourself previously hidden or ignored.  

Birth Trauma

Your birth was one of the most significant events of your life and yet you can't consciously remember it!  However, your body can. Breathwork is a powerful method to heal the trauma of birth.  This helps to re-pattern the nervous system to a place of feeling more settled in the body.

Why Love Matters

Were your parents really there for you in your infant years?  Was your mother stressed when you were in the womb?  We explore the impact of early parenting on us and we use techniques from bio-energetics to help heal early defensive responses.

Professional Training

This 8 day retreat is one part of our four part sequence of practitioner training which has been accredited with the Australian Breathwork Association.  Each module can be completed as a personal healing retreat or you can choose to embark on the Breathwork Practitioner journey over 18 months.

The Journey

We start with the 'Psychology of Birth' and move into an understanding of the 'Maps of Consciousness'.  We use the stunning local natural environment to compliment the learning journey.  We teach you variations on Breathwork such as Eye to Eye which is rarely taught in Australia.  Each module is $3700. Pay as you go - there are no lock in contracts to complete all the modules.

Experience counts

Suzanne and Phil love offering this work and have been teaching people at all stages of life in Breathwork journeys for over 10 years. You are in safe hands. We are both 'trauma aware' therapists.  Our advanced mix of skills results in a wholistic embodied approach to the modality of Breathwork.

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