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The Inspired Breath team are expert breath instructors who have been leading individuals and groups on transformative breath journeys for over a decade.

We facilitate classes, wellness courses and private sessions for our online community as well as workshops, retreats and breathwork practitioner training on the NSW South Coast, Canberra and Sydney Australia.
For those who want to go deeper, Inspired Breath’s Breath Journey Practitioner Training is our comprehensive program for professional and personal mastery. Inspired Breath’s Practitioner Trainings’ are endorsed by the Australian Breathwork Association which aligns with their Practitioner Training Standards (450 hours).
Our programs are robust and adventurous while still creating a nurturing and grounded space for you to resolve emotional stumbling blocks, move beyond limiting patterns and experience more joy, love and grace.

Our type of breathwork consists of conscious connected breath, a circular style of breath in which there is no pause at the bottom of the breath and no pause at the top of the breath. We teach mouth breathing – with a relaxed jaw – during the active phase of the breathwork session as this allows for more ‘activation’ of more deeply held emotions (of course you don’t want to be mouth breathing all day long!)  There is a period of integration after the full active hour of breathing.  At this time it might not appear that much is happening, but your body must have time to properly integrate the experience. Each session is around 3 hours, including a 20 mins session of bio-energetics prior to each session.

Expert Breathwork Trainers

Phil Morey


Accredited Trainer with the Australian Breathwork Association & Coordinator of the 2009 Australian Breathwork Association Conference
Suzanne Zankin
Senior Teacher
Group Facilitator with the Australian Breathwork Association

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Scott, 36, NSW

Breathwork sessions are not always comfortable or easy, though without a doubt, they have afforded me some of the most profound, unforgettable, deeply healing and insightful experiences I have ever had and forever will be grateful for.

Dave, 55, NSW

Phil’s expertise during sessions is evident; I always feel safe, supported and well guided. Phil seems to intuitively know when to encourage, when to offer comfort and when to give space.

Rian, 50, NSW

I have experienced the most significant breakthroughs, healings and insights.  Conscious Connected Breathwork has been life changing for me.

Alison, 54, Canberra

Wow – such a simple technique that produces profound change on a deep level. I finally understand the patterns keeping me trapped..

Joe, 29, Castlemaine

It has been a joy to study and experience the power of breath under Phil and Suzanne’s guidance. Their way of teaching is very engaging and grounded, yet light and humorous, but most of all authentic. I felt safe and supported at all times, even through challenging experiences. Attending their training has been enriching and transformative .