Powerful medicine without pills


Inspired Breath teaches breathwork practitioners powerful techniques for liberation from stress and anxiety.

Learn conscious connected breath techniques that transform lives without the need for years of talk therapy.

This is robust, pragmatic work that is grounded in both theory and practice. In our courses you will learn the tools to shift limiting subconscious patterns, to access more joy and wholeness.

Many seekers are reaching for enlightenment and it is a worthy goal, but not if it’s used to deflect life’s painful curveballs.  There’s no need for all the spiritual bells and whistles to get in the way of main game – how to live a better day to day reality than you are now.


Want to know how breathwork helps ground you and make life sweeter? 

At INSPIRED BREATH we teach breathwork that you can use to improve your reality so you can stop trying to escape from it.

Press play on this super short video to find out some surprising things about breathwork you may not know and how it can make a difference for you.


Group Breathwork Canberra and South Coast NSW


Find clarity and restoration with nature immersion retreats


Dive deep into experiential breath and embodiment practices


 Founder – Accredited Trainer with the Australian Breathwork Association 

Coordinator of the 2009 Australian Breathwork Association Conference Canberra 2009


Inspired Breath experienced trainers

 Senior Teacher

Coordinator of the 2009 Australian Breathwork Association Conference Canberra 2009

feedback from our clients

Anyone battling with themselves and others should give this a go. You can take new steps in your life journey, less troubled by things that previously held you back.

Ben, 38, Sydney

Wow – such a simple technique that produces profound change on a deep level. I finally understand the patterns keeping me trapped.

Alison, 54, Canberra

Many thanks for cultivating a safe environment during the retreat. I’ve learnt how to breathe into my pain, my sorrow and my joy.

Chris, 33, Albury

woman emerging from beneath water